Amazon prepares to launch digital currency project

Amazon’s turn? The giant has published several job offers to recruit in the field of digital currencies. Update on what we know for now.

Amazon wants to offer digital currency services

Amazon has announced that it is recruiting for several roles , including a development manager responsible for this “ digital currency” . Beyond these Crypto Trader offers, Amazon has not officially communicated on the subject.

But the first offer already gives indications on this project: Amazon wishes to concentrate its efforts on “ emerging countries” , that is to say according to the company of countries like Brazil, Australia or Singapore. The use of a digital currency would allow the inhabitants of these regions to access Amazon services in a flexible way:

“This product will allow customers to convert their cash into a digital currency that will be used to access online services, including purchases of goods and / or services such as Prime Video. “

A launch in Mexico City, then in Brazil and India

According to the job posting, the starting point for this digital currency will be Mexico City. But the second job offer mentions other regions, in addition to those already mentioned:

“We would like you to direct the efforts [of the teams] to Seattle, Sao Paolo in Brazil and Chennai in India . “

As a reminder, Amazon already has an internal digital currency: Amazon Coins . These allow customers to take advantage of discounts on various goods and services offered by the giant’s services. Jobs do not mention these, however, so it is possible that this future currency will be very distinct from Amazon Coins.

It will therefore be necessary to wait for an official communication from Amazon to know what is happening with this project, and if it is indeed a new creation of digital currency that has just started for the company.