On the website of Immediate Edge

On the website of Immediate Edge, up to 550 US dollars can be earned per hour or 13,000 US dollars in one day. The confirmed feedback as well as the user reviews make it clear that investors have achieved immensely high profits with this terrific tool.
However, it is also understandable that there is scepticism about this trading bot that acts automatically. Another question is how the bitcoin code bot works and whether the promises made are kept.
The article below provides comprehensive information about the trading bot from Immediate Edge.


What is Immediate Edge?

Immediate Edge is a software that enables automated Bitcoin trading or other cryptocurrencies.
As one can read on the website, the robot works with trading algorithms. This makes it easy for every investor, the professional as well as the beginner, to make decent profits from crypto trading.
Investors do not need to be financial experts. Immediate Edge’s bot takes care of the trading, analysing huge amounts of data, much faster than a human ever could. Besides Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies can also be used.

Features & functionality


Who is behind Immediate Edge?

Immediate Edge was developed by a well-known financial entrepreneur and specialist trader named Steve McKay. The expert also worked as an investor for a Wall Street firm, helping major clients make immense profits with the trading software.
After McKay founded his own company, he is developing the Bitcoin code robot. His credo is that everyone should be given the chance to make big profits with the Bitcon trading robot. Investors don’t necessarily need to understand the technology behind the software to make bitcoin trading worthwhile.

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Opinions about Immediate Edge

I can’t really explain my success. I only know one thing, I am not a millionaire but I was able to pay off all my debts with Immediate Edge’s software. Today I am debt-free and for the first time I can save something for my future. I can only say that with Immediate Edge I have a much better life than before.

Advantages and disadvantages

No fees: Investors do not have to pay any fees or commissions to trade bitcoin. Only the usual transaction and withdrawal fees apply.
User interface: The interface of Immediate Edge can be operated quite easily and is also suitable for beginners.
Very reputable: Immediate Edge’s track record shows it to be a reputable bot.
Full control: With Immediate Edge’s software, investors can adjust appropriate settings to suit their needs.
Demo account: Before trading begins, beginners in particular should first familiarise themselves with the free demo account. Only when the functions of the bot have been understood should actual trading with real money begin.

No mobile app: Investors can access the software via a web browser. However, the platform also works with internet apps such as Android or iOS.


There have been many reports about the automatic trading robots. However, many of them did not live up to the great claims. The Immediate Edge bot shows that automatic trading does work and that bots are legitimate. Investors can assume that the use of high-tech algorithms is on the rise.
If you now want to look for a crypto trading bot that is not only reputable and that promises a good return, the investor should opt for a bitcoin code account. However, there is still to consider that every investment can have a risk. Therefore, especially the beginner should start small and possibly increase the stake little by little.

How does Immediate Edge compare to other bots?

As our test showed, Immediate Edge is a serious trading bot that even performs much better than other competitors. However, investors can also opt for other bots.
In summary, we can therefore recommend Immediate Edge without any reservations.